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Cross Design Lab is a character design culture company that dreams of a happy world connected with a heaven character.

We develop 'beautiful characters' that convey 'love and happiness, healing and recovery'.

We hope to bring "joy to the people of the world" through our characters.

We want Heaven Characters to bring love and joy to all over the world, beyond age and gender, race, religion and nationality.

We create a 'character culture eco-system' that conveys 'new hope for those who lost their dreams' and 'life and healing where there is pain and sadness'.

Based on 'original character with global competitiveness', we engage in collaborative work with various domestic and foreign partners.

We provide various animations and character goods through character licensing.

We share ‘values of love and joy’ with our neighbors around the world with 'original products'.

We believe ‘mutual trust and respect’ are the first virtues of successful licensing.



We are pursuing 'trans-media storytelling' and 'one-source multi-use strategy' from the content planning stage.

Through this, we will develop content to meet new trends such as animation, video, early childhood education contents, picture fairy tale, game, IT, VR, AI.

We also study the convergence of characters and electronic devices and products.

We provide products and services in various areas such as fashion, toys, fancy, stationery, books, leisure, animation, video, games, photography, social network service.

Especially, our unique design is also optimized for 'luxury goods' such as jewelry, fashion, leather bag and watch.

In addition, we are expanding our business area through 'character design based culture strategy' in various fields such as 'industrial design field' such as communication equipment and electronic products, and 'theme park, education culture business'.


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